Augur crypto platform: features


Augur is a crypto platform for generating accurate forecasts for various events. It is based on the postulate that the collective mind (a large number of people) is much more accurate than any marketing research of an expert. The platform is used to make forecasts for sports events, political and any other areas of human activity. To store cryptocurrency, it is more convenient to use augur wallet , with installation or online version.

The Augur platform is significantly different from many other collective forecasting sites. It has wide functionality, complete decentralization, and participants with good intuition always win, non-payments are simply excluded here. In addition, the platform allows you to place bets and earn income while remaining completely anonymous.

Historical excursion

Augur cryptocurrency was launched seven years ago, it is one of the very first projects launched on Ethereum. A year after launch, the currency was listed in the top five cryptocurrency projects by Coinbase. Nevertheless, the currency remained in beta testing until 2-18 years. After the open network was launched, the closed part was eliminated. This closed part made it possible to control the entire system in non-standard emergencies. Since then, the platform has been completely decentralized.

The cryptocurrency is based on ethereum, this allows you to reliably protect the platform from attacks and errors. Any Ethereum user can access the project. Separately, Augur is not a predictive market, it is cryptocurrency software that allows you to create your own sites. Every network user can use Augur protocols using client software.


The crypto industry is too young. To make far-reaching forecasts. But from the point of view of opportunities for the forecasting market, for bookmaker services, this platform looks very promising. The market capitalization is constantly growing, increasing, among other things, with the arrival of another large bookmaker service on the site, and there are a lot of interested offices. In the future, there are plans to introduce blockchain technologies in the real sector.


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